Bon appetito

BICCCS, Waterkloof Heights shopping centre The best roads are the ones less taken, and following the small side roads in the Waterkloof Heights area in Pretoria, led us to a little gem called BICCCS . Before entering BICCCS, you are greeted by gelato, freshly baked ciabatta bread, croissants and pizza slices. As you enter the quint … More Bon appetito

PASS(ings) it along

Performance of PASS(ings) at Pierneef theatre on 23 June 2017 As we walk into the cozy theatre, we are greeted by dimmed background lights and soft music playing in the background, setting an intimate mood from the start. Your attention is immediately drawn towards the stage setting with red lights focused on a bed surrounded … More PASS(ings) it along

It’s a cover up

Being normal is so overrated, and in an era where we use anything and everything from our hair to our outfits to express our individuality, there are some extraordinary individuals out there that are using their amazing talents as a form of expression. Covers, acapella singing and medleys are not the usual mass produced forms … More It’s a cover up

Trending right now

Every now and again a trend comes along which transforms into an obsession. And being a true fashionista, this tends to happen to me more often than not. Having been busy with exams over the last couple of weeks, have not kept me from staying in the know and forming some new obsessions, and I … More Trending right now