Quite the Inconvenience

The Inconvenience of Wings

The writing is on the wall, literally. Walking into the dim lit theatre, the scene is set with the time period that is being depicted in the play reflected on the wall, however it is in reverse order. Before the play can even commence, the audience is warned, that things are not as it seems and we are about to be taken on a journey, and not in the way we would expect.

The lights dim and we are surrounded by absolute darkness and silence, until our attention is drawn to the centre of the stage by means of a single light and the sound of wings flapping and all attention is focused on Paul (played by Andrew Buckland).

The play by Lara Foot, portrays the impact of the bipolar disease on both the patient as well as their loved ones. One would expect that a play about such a serious illness would follow the usual order of diagnosis to end of the disease, however that is not the case with The Inconvenience of Wings.

The story of Paul, Sara (played by Jennifer Steyn) and James (played by Mncedisi Shabangu) is portrayed in reverse order. By portraying the disease in this way, the effect of the disease is highlighted and the impact is felt so much more.

We tend to turn a blind eye to what we can’t see and are so often unaware of what happens behind closed doors. The Inconvenience of Wings portrays just how much people tend to hide and how often we pretend that everything is ok when in fact it is not.

So often we tend to focus on the patients who suffer from a disease and in doing so forget about the loved ones who have to take care of them and also suffer along the way. The Inconvenience of Wings opens your eyes to how important it is that both patient and loved ones receive the correct care and support.

Jennifer Steyn portrays her character brilliantly and gives a stellar performance. She is a true artist being able to depict so many aspects of her character such as the varying stages of the bipolar disease as well as normal everyday behavior.

Picture courtesy of Oscar O'ryanPicture courtesy of art link.co.zaPicture courtesy of assemblyfestival.com

The cast

Picture courtesy of IOL.com
Andrew Buckland / Jennifer Steyn / Mncedisi Shabangu

Audience members walk out either hating or loving this play and I was one of the latter. Studying psychology, this play resonated with me and definitely had an impact on me being able to see the effect of the disease on all parties impacted.

If you have the opportunity to catch a performance of The Inconvenience of Wings, make sure not to miss it. It does come with a warning and an age restriction as it contains nudity.

If you saw The Inconvenience of Wings, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading and be sure to support local artists.





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