Bon appetito

BICCCS, Waterkloof Heights shopping centre

The best roads are the ones less taken, and following the small side roads in the Waterkloof Heights area in Pretoria, led us to a little gem called BICCCS .

Before entering BICCCS, you are greeted by gelato, freshly baked ciabatta bread, croissants and pizza slices. As you enter the quint little Italian restaurant, the smell of pizza fills the air and it gets your mouth watering before you sit down at  your table.

Cousins Michele Jardine and Claudio Dimartina took over BICCCS on 1 June 2017 . The cousin duo has renovation plans underway bringing an authentic Italian restaurant look and feel to accompany the great food on offer.

The antipasti is a great way to start or if you feel like having a light snack to accompany a good glass of wine, this is the way to go. The Antipasto Platter had a variety of Italian meats and cheeses and was complimented by the freshly backed ciabatta bread, which was soft and light on the inside.

The Bruschetta Di Parma is a great combination of flavors and textures with parma ham, rocket, pecorino shavings, olive oil and balsamic vinegar served on ciabatta slices.  For garlic lovers, the Bruschetta Al Fresco is just for you.

What would a trip to an Italian restaurant be without having pasta and pizza? The Gnocchi Gorgonzola, gnocchi served in a blue cheese and double cream sauce, was absolutely soft and light. Blue cheese can be very overpowering in a dish, but not here. It was ever so subtle adding just the right amount of flavor, with the nutmeg balancing the dish.

The freshly made pasta was such a delight, it was served in the form of stuffed tortellini covered with a napoletana sauce, which worked well together.

A well made pizza will let its ingredients do the talking, and that is exactly what the Regina pizza did. The thin crust had just the right amount of tomato to add flavor, but not overpowering to the rest of the ingredients. When there are so few ingredients in a dish, and particularly on a pizza, they need to not only work well together, but also compliment each other, and that is what exactly what we got served. Absolutely delicious.

Should you have space left for some dessert, there are a variety of cakes and gelato flavors to choose from to satisfy all tastebuds. The Limoncello cake was absolutely light with a slight tang of lemon. This is ideal if you don’t want something overly sweet. If you want something with less of a tang, the Cheesecake is the one to have. It has the perfect balance between sweet and tang and absolutely smooth.

For the chocolate lovers, I would suggest the Chocolate mouse cake, layers of chocolate mouse and chocolate cake, sprinkled with chocolate shavings, what more can you ask for? And for the health conscious, there is also a delicious Carrot cake on offer.

Whether you want to have a light snack, sit down for an authentic Italian meal, grab a freshly baked ciabatta bread or have some gelatin on a hot summer’s day, BICCCS is the place to go. They also do takeaways and catering which is ideal for you next function.

Next time, take the road less travelled, you never know where it might take you.

As always, thank you for reading.

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