It’s a cover up

Being normal is so overrated, and in an era where we use anything and everything from our hair to our outfits to express our individuality, there are some extraordinary individuals out there that are using their amazing talents as a form of expression.

Covers, acapella singing and medleys are not the usual mass produced forms of music and are right up my alley of all things not normal.

Covers and acapella singing are the results of individuals taking a particular song and putting their own unique spin on it. The result, a party for your ears which will make you want to get down and boogie.

Why listen to a number of songs, when you can listen to a medley or mashup of songs in a matter of a few minutes? Some of my favorite artists that are brilliant at covers, acapella and medleys include Conor Maynard, Sam Tsui, Alex Aiono and Pentatonix.

Music is an essential part of my life and I love discovering new music and listening to old favorites that get my feet tapping. Simply click here to listen to a collection of my favorite covers, acapellas and medleys.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the universal language of music.



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