Shake it baby

This past weekend saw the brain child of two fitness consultants come to life as an unexpected collaboration was born in the name of health and fitness with Alberton City Mall playing host to the first ever Clicks and GNC Zumba day.

Participants were welcomed by enthusiastic and pumped up members from the various sponsors with snacks on hand to ensure that energy levels are maintained at an absolute maximum. And they needed it…

The class, lead by fitness instructor Chris from The Sports and Fitness Club in Alberton, saw the ladies being put through their passes and worked up quite a sweat.

A prize giving ceremony, some free goodies for the participants and a photo or two, saw the end to this enjoyable morning. Hopefully, this was but the first of many more fun, health inspired days to come.

Zumba day.001Zumba day.002Zumba day.003Zumba day.004Zumba day.005Zumba day.006Zumba day.007

Thank you for reading and stay healthy.


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