Got you covered

Here in sunny South Africa, the chill in the morning air are reminding us that Summer has come to an end and Winter is coming.

Autumn allows us to incorporate trends and looks from both Summer and Winter which makes dressing so much more exciting with endless possibilities. I especially love this time of year as it is perfect for layering.

Just because Summer has come to end, it doesn’t mean Summer outfits have to be placed at the back of the cupboard. For those hot days with chilly nights, I especially enjoy wearing Summer dresses, skirts and camisoles and simply dressing it up with a thin cardigan or jacket. A camisole is ideal for layering as it allows you to add layers upon layers without being too bulky.

Combining a slip dress with an oversized coat or with a T-shirt underneath, adds texture to an outfit which is one of the key trends for the upcoming Winter season. Adding a sweater and sneakers, gives a slip dress a more sporty look and feel.

Layering dress skirt 2.001

The pant suit is versatile and are sure to be around for a few seasons, why not try a casual take on the pant suit by combining a shirt dress and pants and pair it with some loafers for a weekend brunch date with the girls, or replace the pants with jeans and add heels for an evening out.

Layering shirt dress.001.jpeg

Whether it is casual Friday at the office, date night, movie night or just running errands, a jean and  a T-shirt is so versatile that it can be transformed by adding a jacket, cardigan, sweater and scarf. By adding a sweater and sneakers, will take your look from casual to sporty with a lux touch, adding layers with different textures will take your outfit to new heights.

Layering Jean T 2.001.jpeg

By adding layers, you can take a look from casual to smart, so let the accessories and layers add to your outfit and let your outfit do the talking as it is the first thing that people notice. So let it speak.

Thanks for reading and stay warm.

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