No time? No problem

When speaking to people as to why they don’t exercise, it is usually as simple as ‘I don’t have the time’.

Just because we live in a world and society where we are expected to make the most out of our day and be busy every minute of day, doesn’t mean that we can’t find the time to exercise.

When it comes to one’s health, you cannot put a price ticket on it and is something that should not be discarded. I generally consider myself to be a healthy individual, eating right and exercising regularly, and this has definitely aided in my recovery when I recently had an operation.

When it comes to exercising, I have adopted the motto ‘Do not go more than three days without exercising’, and whether it is a quick run or full workout, I always feel better afterwards.

So whether you have a mere two minutes or half an hour in which to workout, let me show you how you can get a full body workout no matter how much time you have at your disposal, not to mention, these workouts can be done anytime, anywhere.

If you only have two minutes, the following routine is just for you.


Or if you can only spare five minutes:


Both of these exercise routines are ideal first thing in the morning before having a shower.

When starting the day with exercise you will also feel more energized during the course of the day.

When you have 10 minutes, do each of the exercises for 45 seconds followed by a 15 second recovery period before moving on to the next move. Completing three rounds will take you 10minutes to complete.


When you have 15 minutes, the following routine is ideal for you.

If you have more time available, why not include some running or cycling as well?


When you have 20 minutes:


When you have 25 minutes:


When you have half an hour give the following a try. As it a HIIT routine and as such incorporates both cardio and strength exercises, this is a great workout.

30-min-workout-image-00130-min-workout-image-00230-min-workout-image-003Enjoy and remember to stay healthy!

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