A Monochromatic affair doesn’t mean boring

Black and white are staples in my wardrobe, and why shouldn’t it be? It is so versatile and can be dressed up or down. Simply add a pop of color and your outfit is transformed completely.

Let me show you how simple and easy it is to put together a number of outfits using only a few black and white items and still looking fashionably stylish whilst doing it.


Pencil skirts are not just made for the office and can be dressed up or down.

The Maxi skirt is still on trend for the season and is one of my summer time favorites.


Adding a blazer to any outfit can take the outfit from casual to smart casual and can be updated by rolling the sleeves up. The trusty leather jacket will never go out of fashion as it is so versatile and can be worn with almost anything.

One of the key items this season is of course the bomber jacket which can be dressed up or down and are available in so many styles and colors.

And with chilly nights around the corner, how can we forget the cardigan?


Some key tops this season include the chemise, t-shirts with various quirky slogans and designs and the chiffon shirt.


Black and white jeans in various shapes are here to stay for a while.


As much as I love heels, I love sneakers even more and with sneakers being so on trend this season, I am in my element! Sneakers are no longer just worn on weekends or with tracksuits, as I will show you.


Bags are not only for carrying all of our girly stuff (and sometimes some of our male companions’ stuff) but can add some flair to an outfit.

There are so many different styles of chokers to choose from and in my favorite color.

Scarves are ideal for layering for chilly mornings and evenings.


These items can be styled for an elegant or formal affair.


I especially love styling it with an edgy twist for a night out on the town.


Dressing it down for a relaxing weekend, running errands, going to the movies or meeting up with friends is just as easy.


Hope this inspires you to give a monochromatic outfit a try once in a while.

Thanks for reading

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