Nike Fitness Night

Nike Women Fitness night

28 January 2017

Kyalami, Johannesburg

And you make 1100!

After registering for the Nike Women Live Fitness event, the epic “You have mail” ping sounds, and the first line reads, ‘Nikewomen live is a show stopping event that will test your limits as an athlete’, little did we know how much our limits will be tested.

Upon arrival, we are greeted by the rest of our fitness classmates for the evening, all looking fabulous and ready for a night of fun, action and of course some sweat. Although the check-in and event pack collection queues are long, it is extremely organized and moves smoothly.

After changing into our fabulous, tight fitting, branded T-shirts, we hand in our bags and head on over to the viewing deck where we enjoy delicious, healthy snacks and drinks (and take a few pictures of course) whilst overlooking the beautiful city of Johannesburg.



As the clock ticks and the starting time draws closer, the excitement levels rise and before we know it, the doors open and we are greeted by our MC for the evening, Loot Love, who welcomes us and urges us to find a spot.


Each spot is accompanied by a mat, roller, stretch band and towel. By the looks of things, we are for a serious workout, they were not kidding! DJ Cosmo is on deck and with some pumping tunes, is getting us all psyched up and ready to rumble.


And here we go …

Picture courtesy of Nike

Our trainers (Nike’s best NTC trainers) for the evening appear on stage, and by the looks of things, they know what they are doing and will definitely be pushing us to our limits.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Simone starts off by getting us relaxed with some breathing, before we move on to some stretching. As we roll and stretch, you can feel the muscle tension leaving the body and the muscles relaxing. She then moves on to the first of four sessions and warns us that it will burn. And oh my gosh, does it burn! But for that tight bum, and firm legs, there is no other way.

Whilst taking a breather, Busi entertained the crowd and really for us moving.


Next up, Ziyaad takes over the training with two strength sessions. Who knew that something as simple as a stretch band can be so versatile and cause such pain. For his sessions, Ziyaad, or Z, used the NTC+ app which is so great, as now that we have done the exercises with Z and the other trainers showing us how to perform the exercises, we can now take these personal trainers home with us and continue our fitness journey with a wide range of exercises.

With muscles paining, sweat all over and trying to catch our breath, a group of dancers come on stage as entertainment. All of a sudden, there are no more paining muscles and after being shown some dance moves, we are all shaking our booties and getting down.

Second to last, Zaakirah puts us through our paces with an endurance session. Your body might be saying no as you are trying to keep up with the high knees, fast feet and jumping, but your mind becomes your ultimate weapon saying yes, and you push yourself further, because we are not here to quit!

After an hour and a half, we are done and finish off with a Simone leading a stretching session.

Just when we think it is finished, there is more. This time in the form of a surprise visit from Caster Semenya. As she steps on stage, the crowd goes wild. With some encouraging and inspirational words from the homegrown sport star, the last burst of energy kicks in so that we can dance as two more surprise artists (Yanga and Kuli Chana) entertain the crowd.

Ladies, we made it, and can still pout for one last selfie.


After burning all of those calories, the energy needs to be replaced, and as like with the rest of the event, our hosts have gone above and beyond, we are greeted by some delicious healthy snacks to do just that. As a final thank you, upon our departure we receive a gift voucher from Nike, do I hear someone say shopping?!


This has been an amazing experience! For the amount of ladies that were part of this event, the organization was impeccable. With signage and a helpful crew, you knew exactly where to go and what was happening at all times. Waiting in queues were not long at all and were always moving and you were attended to in no time.

The trainers kept us motivated and psyched up at all times with the dj’s keeping us pumped up at all times. The combination of the two, ensured that we had fun whilst pushing ourselves past our limits.

This event has re-itterate something that I have know for a while, you are the only one that can challenge and push yourself past your limits.

#NikeWomen #BelieveInMore

Where do I sign up for the next event?



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