Follow the brick road to LIMA

LIMA Tapas bar, Monte Casino, Fourways




As we step over the ‘Entrada’ sign, we are welcomed by the friendly maitre’d, and she escorts us up the stairs. You can’t help but notice the majestic chandelier that spreads over the foyer which is very fitting as it sets the mood for the decor throughout the restaurant.


Touches of gold are evident in the decor from the bar rack to the light fittings, this together with the dimmed lights and wooden tables add to the rustic, modern yet simplistic ambience. The decor is minimal yet dramatic, and with the huge pieces of wall art, uncommon chandeliers and unexampled chairs, it is evident that we are in for a unique experience, I am in my element as normal doesn’t live here.

There are tables set for two away from the rest of the dinner crowd, a separate raised and partially enclosed dinner table that can seat up to 10 people, as well as a number of tables throughout the restaurant. Whether you want to have a romantic dinner for two, private party or just a night out with friends, Lima sure is the place to be. Once you are done dining, you can move to the bar area and enjoy a few cocktails, cigars and dance the night away.

Usually when I look at the menu of a good restaurant, there are so many dishes that I want to try, but just physically can’t and end up having only one or two dishes. With a tapas bar however, you don’t have that problem.

We ordered a variety of dishes and shared it amongst all of us at the table, giving us the best of both worlds, not just eating delicious food, but eating a variety as well. And with such a wide variety on offer, and wanting to try as much as possible, this was definitely the way to go. If you haven’t been to a tapas bar, just a note of warning, the portions are smaller than what you would usually expect at a regular restaurant.

With it being a Latin American fusion restaurant, looking at the menu can be quite intimidating with the diversity of foreign dishes on offer. Not to fear, they have a glossary on the menu which explains what each of the different types of dishes are.

It is said that we eat with our eyes first, and the presentation of the dishes had our mouths watering.


Pork Empanada – The pastry was crispy on the outside and not to thick which was nice, with the pork filling being cooked to perfection with just the right balance of sweetness.

Ribs – We had both the Lamb and Pork ribs. It was absolutely soft and almost fell off the bone which made eating it so easy. It was basted with the ideal amount of sauce adding the desirable level of flavor, sweet with a hint of barbecue.


Deboned Baby Chicken – The skin was slightly crispy with the chicken cooked perfectly, it was soft and moist, and spiced to perfection. This was definitely worth the wait.


Pork Taco – With it being smaller than usual, it was so easy to eat and not as messy. It is served with lemon wedges, and after squeezing some lemon juice on the taco it adds a bit of tang to the dish and tones down the spicy mayo. The taco itself, was light which was a delightful change. The corn, bacon and avo adds different textures and the flavors work well together.


Kingklip Anticuchos – The Kingklip was superb, the spices encrusted the outside to form a crispy exterior whilst preserving the soft interior.

Side dishes – We had both the Baby Broccoli and the Sweet Potato. The green vegetable medley was still a bit crunchy with the garlic butter and sesame seeds adding flavor and texture to the vegetables. The Sweet potato was served with honey and chili and was surprisingly enjoyable.

Having a sweet tooth and being a coffee fanatic, I couldn’t help but try the Churros and the Guilermo.

The Churros were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. With it being not too sweet, when dipped in the chocolate sauce, it was just the right level of sweetness for a dessert.

The Guilermo (coffee with lemon) was tangy and bitter, which explains why it is served as an espresso. Anything more would be too much. The Cortado on the other hand was delicious with just the right level of intensity that one would expect in a Cortado.

We finished off with the Sorbet, and tried the Litchi, Granadilla, Lemon and Strawberry flavors. The Strawberry was very sweet, the Granadilla overpowering and the Litchi and Lemon slightly bland.

The service, even though we were served by Denzil Washington, could be improved upon, as there were a few mistakes with our orders and had to wait longer than necessary at times.

Ambience 4 out of 5

Food 4 out of 5

Service 3 out of 5

Overall 3.5 out of 5

Be prepared to spend at least R250 per person.

Overall a thumbs up and will definitely go back to try some more of the dishes on offer, as well as the milkshakes.

As a teaser, herewith an extract of the menu.


Thanks for reading and let me know your what your tastebuds thought.

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