Dressing made easy

As Tom Ford once said, ‘Being well dressed is a form of good manners’. Not only is it a form of good manners, but being well dressed is also a great confidence booster and makes you feel like you can take on anything that the world throws at you.

Dressing up for the office tends to be easier for women, so gents, fear not, I am here to show you how dressing can be made be as easy as one, two, three.

First, let start with the items that you need. I am sure that most you of will have these items in your wardrobes already.


Let us take one waistcoat, two jeans, three cardigans, four suits, five shirts and a few accessories to put together a few looks.

The Basics

These are simple, pants and shirts.


Suit up

By simply changing the shirt and tie being worn with a suit, the look and feel can change completely.


Mix and Match

Switch things up a bit by swopping blazers and pants.


Chilly days

By taking the basic shirt and pant and adding a layer of either a cardigan or waistcoat, you are set for those chilly days.


All layered up

By adding another layer, a casual layered look can be transformed to a smart casual look.


Casual Friday

Jeans are so versatile, and can be dressed up to the office with a formal shirt and blazer.



Tied up

A tie can add a pop of color to and outfit and round it off. But just because it is an office essential, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Here are a few ways of tying the knot which will have you standing out and being the envy of the office.


With confidence on your side, the world is your oyster. Go and get them tiger!

Let me know what you think of these outfits and tips and if you have any questions.


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