Workwear – 15 items 25 outfits

With back to work comes having to let go of the comfy flip flops and shorts and getting back into smart casual or even formal corporate wear. For some people this can be a very daunting task and add agony to their daily routine.

Well have no fear, help is near. I have identified some basic items which we all have and created 25 outfits using just five tops, five bottoms and some jackets, shoes and accesories.


Start off with five tops and five bottoms, neutral and black colors in terms of bottoms work best as these are versatile and can be matched to various tops. Here I have selected black and neutral pencil skirts, black, white and navy pants.

Tops in different silhouettes and colors will add variety to the outfits. I chose a neutral camisole, black sleeveless top, white chiffon shirt, blue collar shirt and a burgundy blouse for a pop of color.

Next I selected cardigans and blazers in neutral and dark colors as these, just like bottoms for with various outfits and I also selected a burgundy cardigan for color.

For shoes and bags, black and neutral colors are always a winner.

Accessories these days are so inexpensive and can complete an outfit.

Here are the 25 outfits that I have put together using only the items above.




Hope these combination inspire you when putting your daily outfits together.

Watch out for my follow up and how to a wear a pencil skirt.

Let me know what you think and remember, wear what works for you!



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