New Places, Always A Good Idea

In Brugges

With my dad being from Belgium I have had many opportunities to travel to is birth place and explore the beautiful little country. It may only be the size of the Kruger National Park, but with beer, chocolate, fries and waffles on offer, to mention but a few, they have so much on offer and there is always something new to explore and try.

It was my brother and I’s first holiday together as adults and when one of our aunts offered to take us to Brugge for the day, we could not say no. As children, we had both visited the little town, but as adults (and after seeing the movie of course) it was a new experience.


At Minnewater as it is called by the locals (aka Lover’s bridge) we were greeted by the local swans. There are bridges everywhere and reminds one of Venice.



We walked through the museum of the ‘Begijne’, these were women that lived like nuns but were not and without being fully committed to the lifestyle, they were able to leave at any time. There we also visit their cathedral, lighting a candle and simply sitting in the in the quiet cathedral was very calming.



As we walk through the square a reggae band entertains the crowd during the beautiful albeit cloudy Summer’s day. After all, what would Belgium or Europe for that matter, be without some rain?

The easiest way to take in the sights is of course by bicycle as renting a bicycle is convenient and can be done almost everywhere, but by foot is just as easy. Either way, the beautiful sights will have you in awe.

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