About Last Night

New Year’s Eve celebrations

So this year, or should I say last year, we decided to change things up a bit and take it back to the beach to see 2017 in. Firstly, I love the ocean, but not to swim, merely standing on the beach and looking at the waves has such a calming affect. It is as if by simply looking at the ocean, my batteries are refueled and brain is rewired back into ‘go and get it’ mode. So when we decided to spend New Year’s Eve at the beach, it seemed like the perfect idea, and boy were we right!



Initially we wanted to join the street party in Balito, but with at least 500 people still in the queue at 23:00 just to enter, we opted for the more the more relaxed option, take the cooler box and go to the beach.

Clearly this was the thing to do when on the coast, because as we were making our way down to the beach to find a nice spot to relax, more and more people followed suit, but instead of carrying cooler boxes, they were carrying fireworks. As we sat down the fire works started going off, and people came prepared! People were lining up rows and rows of fireworks ready to set them off as midnight struck.



The Fireworks display continued for close to an hour! We were in awe.



Once the fireworks stopped, we were so psyched up and wanted to party, we found a local spot and danced the night away.

Like all party animals we needed junk food after the party and with the sunrise on the horizon indicating that a new day has arrived, we called it a night.


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